Below you will find hyper links to sites on the Internet that may hold special interest for mid-life and older Web users.
AARP  American Association 
of Retired Persons 
AARP's Resource Site  Guide to Internet Resources Related to Aging 
NIH National Health Information Age of Reason  For all people seeking reason 
Age Page  A page at which I'm not old enough to look(information)     
Cards, Greeting  Send a card to a friend or loved one  Caregiver Alliance  Where Elderly care information is available to review 
ChronicNet  Senior's Chronic Care is discussed/reviewed  Currency Converter  What is your dollar worth in another country?? 
Cyber Site(ARRP)  Focus on the Internet     
Elder hostel  Combine Education, Travel, and a Place to stay  Elderpage  Information for older
persons and families 
    The Geezer Brigade  Being a Geezer goes a long ways 
Generations United  Keeping us all connected     
Health A-Z  General site on health issues/ includes bulletin boards     
Life Expectancy  Calculator for life expectancy  Mapquest-don't get lost!  Displays an address on a
map anywhere in the US 
Medical World Search Engine  A site with links to 100,000
pages of medical information 
National Aging Information Center  The Government source for questions on aging  Nation Library of Medicine  MEDLINE-(Search Engine) Database of free medical information 
New Lifestyles  Find relocation information for new life style  Nursing Home Abuse  Selecting the right Nursing Home 
Old Folks on line  Come join us for fun and information     
Old Time Radio  Radio!! What's that-? "The Shadow Knows!"     
Playing Bridge  Bridge Hand Generator  Protection-Ederly  Association for the protection of the Elderly  
RX list/index  Look up a drug by its generic or brand name
including warnings/side effects 
Research-Family Reseach your roots
    Aging Resources 100 of the Best Aging Resources
SeniorCom  Commercial site for Senior Information
Senior Frolic  Something you have been meaning to do 
SeniorLaw  legal questions/information facing Senior's  SeniorNet  Computer Training for older adults 
SeniorSearch  A Search (Engine) Directory (worldwide) on senior subjects  Senior Staff Jobs  A databank of job information for Seniors 
    Social Security  Retirement, Disability, and Medicare information 
Spry Foundation  a Foundation of youth or what-a-be's  Survivor’s Guide The Survivor’s Guide to Life Insurance Death Benefits:
Virtual Internet Guide  a Virtual Information Source     
Weather Channel  Sunny today - hot tamale  Third Age Mary Furlong's (founder of SeniorNet) new direction  

Senior Safety

Information to Keep Elderly Safe    
    Web Text index  Internet web text index 

If you find a site on the Internet which you feel should be added to this list of information, send an E-mail message, write or phone us (as shown below) and tell us of your find. 


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